February 20th, 2024 Gobbledygook

Read-it-Later vs Hoarding.

Glen Noble / Unsplash
Glen Noble / Unsplash

This morning, 10 minutes ago to be exact, I had the crazy idea of getting a Pinboard account. Why, you may ask? Well, there's this idea out there that you might want to hoard links for eternity...

Why, though?

I do have read-it-later apps and or services but I feel like my read-it-later bucket, shouldn't be always full, it should be emptied regularly. Not like this closet or drawer in your house you don't ever open nor dare to! If anything needed to be "permanently" stored, well a service such as Pinboard might be the one, I think. Or you can print the thing and put it in a binder! Super-environmental-friendly.

But then again. Why?

I barely manage my read-it-later bucket, in fact, I don't think I ever look at it, so why hoard links I am never going to look back? This is me, personally. I guess I can get the point that you, as a blogger of the interwebs, might want to link/reference such an article and that might be the reason to store it somewhere readily accessible and keep it forever and ever until the Kingdom comes!

hm! hmm?

This brings up something I have been thinking about for about a week now, and that is to use my read-it-later more intentionally and consistently. Save articles I can't read at the moment but actually take the time to read them and not just hoard them for the just-in-case and hoarding of it.

Just the same as a lot of you productivity-yahoos do a weekly review, perhaps a weekly read-it-later review might be a thing to do.

Read it, archive it, or even better, delete it. Or should I keep it? See? That's the struggle!

I'm curious, How do you all manage?