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I spent 2 half days and one night in Yakima Washington (Thursday to Friday). Beautiful drive btw, all the grapes and all the hops. Definetly. a memorable and productive trip, I had a great time up there. With a short visit to Bale Breaker Brewing being one of the biggest highlights, beautiful setting.

Now, back to in Idaho, ready for some long-weekend.

What is my process or workflow?

The are many good podcasts out there but one that excels over all the others is, the mythical, the legendary show, Hemispheric Views. Please subscribe, and while you're at it, subscribe to One Prime Plus for extra content and stuff. As members of One Prime Plus, one of its benefits, is to suggest topics that they can discuss on the show. A few weeks ago, in their super-secret discord channel, I had suggested or rather asked about what was their process when blogging in their own respective blogs. If you want to hear all about that, go subscribe to One Prime Plus.

Now, it was really interesting to hear how they go about managing their creative process, the behind-the-scenes of each of their blogs, etc. And it made me think a lot about my own process, and, without spoiling anything from the episode I feel like my process these days can relate to most of theirs. I think like for a lot of us, these processes may change over time and very frequently, and also gives us the perfect excuse to try things around and see what sticks.

What is my process or workflow? Well, let's find out because I am not even sure anymore. Especially when I change hosting sites (I know, that's another post). Right now I host things in two different places, and Ghost. The move to Ghost has been very recently and the process to import most of my things was a pain in the buttness (that alone is another post). Short posts and things that need some kind of "logging" go to, Mb is like a second brain.

My main text editor, currently and for the last two years, has been Ulysses, and mostly on iOS and iPadOS, very little on the Mac. And that is the extent of my Apple ecosystem toolbox for blogging. However, I spend most of my day on a Windows PC, so no Ulysses.

I have always considered myself an impulsive, lazy, writer (or blogger). A lot of times my ideas come while I am at work, so it is very easy to open another window tab and start writing. For I use Quill web text editor, simple and yet very powerful. It is almost like using Ghost's web text editor. The best part of using a web editor, for me, is the fact that I have Grammarly's extension installed (I use Chrome, sorry) and that helps with my spelling and grammatical errors. Once anything has been composed, it gets published, and forget about it. Of course, this means no "in-app" record or backup of that post other than its final place.

For posts in Ghost, it is a very similar process, I always have a tab open with Ghost's Control Panel, I go to a "new post" and start typing. At least there is some "in-web-app" record, or backup for these posts.

Tools are nice, apps are nice, but ultimately I really don't care much where I type things. As long as I have the ability to do it from anywhere, my work computer, my iPhone, iPad, etc. And to be honest, once it's published, I care very little about keeping a post in a specific app or folder. Whether I am hosting everything in or Ghost, at the end of the day, to me, blogging, is just another form of journaling. Where I published stories and anything that I find like talking about, even if no one reads it. 

Editor's note: This post was originally composed and posted on 2/29/2022 around 8:20 am  MST. By 1:06 pm-ish, everything changed.

I’m into this thing of buying physical copies of indie games I’ve purchased digitally.

Statically Mar

If my work computer goes blue screen with a sad face, that’s a sign right? I mean, a sad face? I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life.

It is a Limp Bizkit kind of day

❤️ 🎵 Blacklight Shine by The Mars Volta

It’s nice to change office spaces every once in a while


If there are a few things in life that I have always been a junkie for are, watches, backpacks, bracelets, and, most of all, sunglasses. I think I remember my first pair, at least the first legit pair of sunglasses I had as a kid. My dad, being another sunglasses junkie, got me a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators, and that's when it all began...

I have been a Sunglasses junkie since, I cannot count how many pairs and different brands I have rocked throwout the years, colors, and shapes. Or how many have gone lost, stolen and broken.

My most recent purchase, back in 2019 was the New Wayfarer.


Ever since I hadn't purchased any other pairs whatsoever, I was happy with them, they were comfortable, great polarized lenses, and all in all, a good buy.

Until, two weeks ago...

I was traveling for work, I went to Naples FL, then Skokie IL, and somewhere in between, I lost them. No idea when, where, or how, but lost they were and I was sad. Yesterday though, I replaced them!


And yes, they are the exact same ones. Although, I kind of was looking to get the folding ones, not sure why. They did have them in store but the regular size, I got a big face so I need the oversized ones. They offered to order them for me and all that, but they had the non-foldable ones right there and then and I am super-impatient, so, I snagged these.

Part of me may still order the foldable ones, at some point, it is always nice to have a backup I guess. You know, the Rule of Two. In the meantime though, and until then, let us try not to lose these ones. 

Let us try not to lose these ones.

Got my annual physical today, well, it wasn’t quite annual since I have been postponing it since late March when it was supposed to actually be. Either way, all is good, I guess I’ll get to live. Probably need to up my cardio a bit. tamo' como coco papeeh'

A game I have been playing.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge on the Nintendo Switch


The boys are back
The boys are back
The boys are back
And they're looking for trouble…  

- Dropkick Murphys

I have been waiting on this game ever since it was announced, with very much excitement and anticipation. I am a huge fan of classic beat ’em up games. Take Streets of Rage 4, for example, I play that game over and over to this day, and TMNT will definitely be another one that will get played a lot.

I have to mention the opening sequence of this game, oh boy, I was back in my childhood home, sitting on the couch watching the cartoons. It's got that 80s feel to it and I loved that.

The Story, it ain't complicated, I mean, it's the Ninja Turtles, there's nothing complicated about their cartoon stories from what I can remember. You know exactly what this will be about, Shredder is out there making trouble and you are out and about to kick some butt!

You've got your usual suspects, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Rafael. You also got Splinter and April, which are super-cool, and then, once you finish your first playthrough you unlock Casey Jones. I gotta say, Casey is probably my favorite character so far. each character has very unique attacks and combos, you get to level up your character's stats and get more moves as you level up. The game has a co-op mode, and I believe it can have up to 6 players at the same time, that should be fun for some local and online gaming.

The graphics, beautiful full-color pixel art, they are very colorful and very detailed, you can tell they put on some work here. The music's fantastic, I mean you have Tee Lopes making most of the OST, the same guy who's also involved in SoR4. Not only that but also have some tracks where there's some rap-singing which makes the game so much fun to play and enjoy.

Is this game worth it? I'd say absolutely-fkn-yes! If you are a fan of beat ’em ups? Get this game. Are you a fan of the Ninja Turtles? Duh, get this game.

I had a smile on my face playing this game from the beginning to the end. I have listened to the Original Soundtrack multiple times already. I am so thankful this game exists and that is finally out there. I believe is out in every mother gaming system out there so there's no excuse. I mean, you can even play it for "free" on GamePass. to me this is a Switch game, for some reason but I could also see myself buying it for the PlayStation just because.

❤️🎵 Let Go (20th Anniversary Edition) by Avril Lavigne

Love that Luna (3yo) burps out loud and blamed the guy on the table behind 😅

Marley has a bday party to go today, it is at noon. She’s been asking if it’s time to go since 6:30am 😩

🍿 Top Gun: Maverick (2022) 😎😎

Rage blogging

I don't know if this is a thing for a lot of people, but I have caught myself on this a few times over. Many times, like many of us, I am doom-scrolling the Twitterverse. And every once in a while (or almost every time these days) I will come across something that will enrage me, something that just makes me mad and I pull up my phone or my browser and write something about whatever is that I found. 

I am almost positive we all have been there. It's this impulse to put out there our thoughts in whichever matter or thing without even considering if it's worth our sanity or peace of mind. Or even just replying to someone in a sort of snarky or negative way, just because whatever that said,  triggered us somehow.

That did happen, ish, to me today. I saw an article and I got enraged, I quoted the article with a simple comment and pushed it to my for it to spread not only to my blog but my social media.  

This happened after I read this tweet by Jack and even retweeted it.

  I don't care what you're mad at. I want to hear what you're happy about  

I was like, "what just did, what you just posted, and the way you reacted, goes against the same tweet you just agreed on".  I immediately realized what I had done and deleted it from my posts.

This is not the reason I blog for. I don't blog to let the world what I am mad about or what I disagree about, my blog is supposed to be a happy space, my happy space. To talk about the things that make me happy, to tell stories, and promote what brings me joy.

I guess many times over, I have lost sight of that and it has become easier these days. 

It's being hard.

This post, is a reminder, a reminder of why I blog, why I share what I share. I don't want to write about what I hate, what I dislike, or hot-takes and opinions. I just want to tell stories, journal, and share the things I like.

When you receive 38 certificates with data to be processed past 2pm, it can wait until Monday, I think… 😅

In recent days, I have lost the sense and purpose of why I "blog"...

It's like, 

Me: "uh, I have an idea!"

Also Me: "eh, why? who cares?"

I know, create for yourself first...

I know my second try at the RST test is not until December, but I feel like I should not stop studying. Maybe not with the same urgency and stress but study just the same.

I am not sure why, but I am more inclined to buy physical copies of  Nintendo Switch games than for any other console. 

❤️🎵 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge (Original Game Soundtrack) by Tee Lopes

Looking at the new PlayStation Plus game catalog, These are the only currently available games I would, maybe, play.

- Control: Ultimate Edition (PS5)


- Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

- Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (PS5)

- Uncharted: The Lost Legacy


- Asura's Wrath*

Not sure it's worth it for me really


Some personal news…Matter now supports RSS! You might be wondering, what took so long? Here’s the story… 🧵

This is cool.

Say what you will, but I have to admit that Hey mail is my favorite email app/service, still.