February 9th, 2024

🔗 On Self Censoring

Greg Morris on Self Censoring
The self-censorship didn’t lose me anything, and perhaps gained me a lot of peace, but I still find it funny that I couldn’t publish it on my blog. A space that is reserved for me to reflect on the things I want to write about.
I struggle with self-censorship a lot, far too often in fact. There have been a few instances when I had spoken and/or written my mind, perhaps an opinion, or hot take as the kids call it, or just something that, to me, was either funny or just a random thought, and have been scolded in some capacity.
If you offend the community in question, then tend to swarm and reply in droves. All putting in their opinion, even when not asked, which is great, up to a point.
This is right here. I, in some way, dislike the fact that I need to measure and be extremely careful about what I say or write because there will always be someone, or many, that may either misinterpret or just take offense or have something to say, as Greg points out, without been asked.

Not sure if this a generational thing and that makes me to be out of line by today's standards. But having to accommodate (self-censor) myself and my thoughts for the sake of political correctness makes me just want to leave my internet presence altogether. Again, it is not that I am the kind of person who goes out of his way to offend people, but I am aware that many of my thoughts and views might not agree with a wider community, I think. The fear of if your views don't agree with the rest then you are part of the problem.

To me, self-censorship doesn't give me much peace, it just adds to my resentment.

I am perhaps piggybacking on Greg's post to bring out some repressed feelings here 😅

But there is food for thought in his post.

Next, I'll post something cheery, I promise! 😁