April 3rd, 2024 Gobbledygook

For posterity?

I love blogging – and you should too – and I love having a space or presence, as little as it may be, in the interwebs, to share my thoughts and in many ways, have a Digital Journal.  Gabz/mL, the gabz.blog domain is that space. It is the "tool" I use to convey my thoughts and everything in my mind in the hopes that someone might read it and perhaps like it, and find something interesting. Or not, it's all good. In the end, and primarily, I am doing this for my own enjoyment.

And here is something I have been ruminating about recently. If I feel the need to post something quickly, a random comment, a random picture, or share a link, I often think, "Well, that's something that can go to Mastodon". The problem with that is that the content just goes into the Fediverse, someone may like it or reply to it, but eventually, it will just disappear in the ever-flowing Fediverse timeline, and be missed and forgotten, and who knows what. Now, rather than post that random thought or picture to Mastodon and post it to miniGabz/mL, and crosspost it to Matodon from it, in some way, it will live "forever", it won't be entirely lost, it will be in some web archive thing where that content can be searchable, and retrievable, referenced, especially by me.

Now I am sort of bothered by this "existential" question. Does everything needs to be out there for posterity? Why? I guess I can understand that for a book, historical news, and events but for a personal blog, and or random posts? Would my kids or anyone in a future generation would even care to read the nonsense I've posted? Would all this "content" will even be around 5 years from now?

I certainly did not think about all of this when I started blogging. I am just doing this for fun, but there's a sense that I have seen out there on the internet where anything and everything needs to be kept and archived for posterity, or whatever other reasons. 

I also understand the point that our blogs, for some of us, might be a second-brain, for some are those fancy note-taking applications. Perhaps this is why I feel like my blog is a second-brain because I can't understand those fancy apps very well. Blogging it's just a lot easier. You type things and hit publish.

(Now I need a sticker that says that, "I type things and hit publish") 😅

I am genuinely curious, what are others' thoughts on this one?