February 8th, 2024 Blog

All the good content.

I have been ruminating around paywalls and subscriptions over the past month or so, since the beginning of the year. How all the "good" content is always behind a subscription. Podcasts, newsletters, good journalism, etc. All the members' exclusive content.

I do understand and support people getting paid for their craft and I am all for that. My issue is, well, money. I want to pay for all the website subscriptions, I want to support all the good podcasts and all the good services. Unfortunately, I can't afford it all, I do not have all the "disposable income" I wish I'd have to afford to pay for all the good things I would want to support. 

At the beginning of the year, I did an unsubscribe spree from many services and subscriptions and only kept a few. This does not include app-related subs, but more like Patreon content, websites, and podcasts, although, app subs also were cut. 

I am going, to be honest, it was hard to let go of some of them, especially exclusive members' content, like that one extra episode a week or those two new kettlebell workouts a week. I am sure I will resubscribe to some, like my kettlebell Patreon one, since I lack the imagination to come up with workouts of my own 🙃.