April 2nd, 2024 Journal

Afraid of missing out.

Dear Journal,

Today is April 2nd, of the year of our lord 2024.

It is currently 57 degrees and Clear out, and the highest will be 68, that's BBQ and beer weather.

I have been having weird feelings about my boss taking on a new, much higher, position and how now the expectation is that I consider the post he left. I did have a talk with my boss the day (or a few days after) he personally told us about it, before the official announcement, about what him taking on this new position could mean for me and my career. I have very conflicted feelings as I don't want to miss out on the opportunity about something more. More is better, right? But at the same time, I love my current status, ish. Yes, I would love to become something more like, well, before was called a technical expert and now they call it an analyst and I could be an Analyst or a Senior Analyst.

However, the vacant position is for QC Manager, which means managing a small team, which technically as of yesterday, is a team of One for QC, me, and with support from my still boss but with a different title and responsibilities, and it's a little confusing right now. But there's also the ELISA team and how could I support them when ELISA is not a thing I do or have deep experience on? 

Also, I think my "boss" already has someone in mind for the position, or so I was told, and I am afraid of what that means for me. Yes, I could easily apply for it but I don't want to manage people, it's not something I believe I have the skills to do or the desire. I do not mind taking on more responsibilities on top of the ones I already have but I don't want to be stuck either...