Someone [Luna] got her first camera.


House is full of kids 😳

🍿 13 Going on 30 (2004) - β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

13 Going on 30 poster

As of today, according to my on this day, it has been 5 years of microblogging.

I guess I am a little over my trial period. πŸ˜‹

When in downtown Nampa…

My default Podcast app.

A quick note about my Defaults.

I had listed in the Podcast Category

Currently a battle between Apple Podcasts and Overcast

As of last night, the battle has been decided, and the winner is Overcast.

Believe me, I have tried to enjoy using Apple Podcasts, there are many things I love about it. It is so great for discovering new shows to listen to whereas Overcast clearly lacks in that regard, and the stuff that features are the same stuff over and over again.

Ah! Biscuits!

I think I just talked myself back into the Apple Podcasts app!

Never mind!

Something I liked

Darknet Diaries - EP 139: D3F4ULT

This is the story of D3f4ult from CWA. He was a hacktivist, upset with the state of the way things were, and wanted to make some changes. Changes were made.

Whoa, another fascinating episode of the Darknet Diaries radio show! It’s pretty emotionally intense, or at least it is for me. It’s so interesting and as I’ve said, so fascinating that I am going through my second listen of it.

This morning, in my works’ email inbox via the company’s postMaster screening address, I received an email in regards to Business Funding Offer from a babytb69 (at) address. It was not the Baby 69 that concerned me, but the hotmail part of it.


I do not know what it is but I have this urge to go out for a run, an intense workout, or something. Like my mind is running at 10,000 revs or something, All over the place and it is hard to focus. It scares me a little because I can react impulsively.

I had a good night’s sleep, though. (βˆͺ.βˆͺ )…zzz

One bucket to rule them all.

I need to consolidate my shit better!

Like many of us, I browse the wild lands of what we know as the World Wide Web and stumble upon nice links that prompt you to a nice personal website, in some cases, but you don’t have the time to read them. So what do you do? Well, what do I do? I skeem a bit and save it for, wait for it… Read-it-Later!

So far so Good right?

Well here is the thing. What happens when you have too many Read-it-Later buckets. Like sometimes I am just scrolling through my mastodon and find something I like and I star it. Or I am going through my RSS, usually on Feedbin’s web app, and I skeem, realize I may have no time, I press the “S” key (to star it and go into my favorites) again, to Read-It-Later. Or I just opened a link someone shared and with Instapaper’s Web extension, I added it to it. Oh! and let us not even mention Micro.Blog’s bookmark nifty system!

So as you can tell I have many buckets with stuff for later, then I can’t remember where I put what, and because I am lazy I rather not bother to look around so I never read anything. I need to have one way, one singular bucket, even if it means getting out of the current system, app, or site where I found the thing in the first place.

One bucket to rule them all.

Things That Are Nice

Love stumbling upon little things like this. 😊

🍿 Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010) - β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World poster

Development of a Live-Action Film of The Legend of Zelda to Start

Nintendo Co., Ltd. (HQ: Kyoto Minami-ku; Representative Director and President: Shuntaro Furukawa, “Nintendo” hereafter) today announced that it will develop a live-action film of The Legend of Zelda.

Imagine that! Because I can’t, for some reason.

The Journal app, Day One, and Me.

I have mixed feelings regarding Apple’s new Journal app on iOS 17.2 beta. When it was first announced I thought, Oh, Cool! But I think that “Oh Cool” was not meant for me but more for others. If that makes any sense. When I installed the beta and started playing with it, I kind of liked the app. I enjoyed the user interface, and its simplicity, and the post suggestions are pretty great for quick entries. Other than that, for now, that’s all there is to it, and, I am sure it’ll be fine with most users especially those who are on-and-off journalists or have never done it at all.

Then again, the few things that did awesome for me were the suggestions and quick entries. Things that everybody, very quickly, made sure to point out, “Day One already does (or has) that!”, in some way.

And that is very true.

I have been a Day One user for over 10 years. Day one was my blogging before blogging, or rather before I dared publish. Now, my journal is my personal blog. However, ever since I have been publishing to my blog, wherever it may live, at the time, everything that is published, gets into Day One as an entry via IFTTT. So for as long as I have been publishing, I have been creating entries on Day One.

As you can probably tell, however, my actual interaction with the Day One app is very minimal, or non-existent. This is why Apple’s Journal app felt novel to me, no matter how behind, features-wise, it might be compared to DayOne. Because I was actually using it, intentionally interacting with the thing.

This begs the question. Why would I stop using Day One at this point in time? As of right now, I’ve got over 3,500 entries, 3,571 to be exact. In Apple’s Journal app, I have 5, so far. And this is, I bet, very much due to automation. I don’t have to think about entering something on Day One and I only go into the app if something needs fixing or adding more photos.

Again, it is yet very early for the Journal’s app and who knows eventually get shortcuts and automation support. Or even better, a way to import from DayOne (or wherever you get your journaling).

Then again, it’s 3,571 (3,572 once this one is published) entries, that’s one heck of an import (πŸ˜…), and I am sure there are people out there with probably double the entries I have.

Guess it’ll be a waiting game for now.


I was looking at the wrong numbers.

Those were the numbers for media entries.

🍿 Sherlock Gnomes (2018) - β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†

Sherlock Gnomes poster

I have decided to change it!

I always find it hilarious every time the girls get some toy and their naming system. Yesterday Marley and Luna got some Hatchimals and we asked if they had named them. They came out with these somewhat generic yet complicated randomly made-up names. Names that they eventually will forget and come up with some other random thing. And when you ask; a thought his name was this?

They come around and go,

Ah, no, I’ve decided to change it!!



Many changes have been made to my blog today but the most important is adding Robb’s Feeds Plugin. Now all my feeds are properly exposed. (β‰§βˆ€β‰¦)γ‚ž