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Hi! My name is Luis Gabriel but my friends and family call me Gaby, and/or Gabz. Straight from an island called Puerto Rico, currently living in Idaho (of all places), with my wife and two daughters.

This weblog is about all the things that interest me, thoughts, stories, whatever it’s on my mind but mainly for my enjoyment. Think of it as a digital journal.

Why Gabz/mL?

Well, I do have a science degree, worked in the Biotech industry for over five years, now currently in the agri-business. Thought these days, I am no longer a bench-scientist I am still a scientist at heart, just in a different role, thus the per mL. It is a little nod to my profession but also a nod to my two daughters, Marley (m) and Luna (L).

And since you’re here.

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