I need to consolidate my shit better!

Like many of us, I browse the wild lands of what we know as the World Wide Web and stumble upon nice links that prompt you to a nice personal website, in some cases, but you don’t have the time to read them. So what do you do? Well, what do I do? I skeem a bit and save it for, wait for it… Read-it-Later!

So far so Good right?

Well here is the thing. What happens when you have too many Read-it-Later buckets. Like sometimes I am just scrolling through my mastodon and find something I like and I star it. Or I am going through my RSS, usually on Feedbin’s web app, and I skeem, realize I may have no time, I press the “S” key (to star it and go into my favorites) again, to Read-It-Later. Or I just opened a link someone shared and with Instapaper’s Web extension, I added it to it. Oh! and let us not even mention Micro.Blog’s bookmark nifty system!

So as you can tell I have many buckets with stuff for later, then I can’t remember where I put what, and because I am lazy I rather not bother to look around so I never read anything. I need to have one way, one singular bucket, even if it means getting out of the current system, app, or site where I found the thing in the first place.

One bucket to rule them all.