My blogging workflow has somewhat changed in the past month or so. Before I would compose and publish, strictly from Ulysses, at least long-form blogs with pictures β€” or without.

Lately, I have found myself just simply using a combination of Drafts and Mimi Uploader, all from my iPhone 14 Pro more and more. So far has worked well.

For example this post from a few days ago.

Mimi makes it so easy to upload images in bulk and get the markdown links from it for easy use. I selected all the pictures I wanted to post, copy the links to a Drafts note.

Since I am using Jason’s super-awesome GLightbox plugin I just needed to add some simple code to be able to generate a grid-of-images. A code that I have a text replacement shortcut for (πŸ˜‰). Then, I added some text, opened up the Drafts actions drawer, and selected this useful action which I believe was created by Craig, selected any categories if needed, and voilΓ !

Just note that if you are looking at this blog post with pictures on your mobile device, you might not see the nice-looking grid of images, you might want to use a bigger screen πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ.

Mostly I have been posting short posts without a title but I think I will just do it all from Drafts. When I am not composing and publishing from my device, it is usually on my computer, and I just use’s web editor.

I’m sure someone who may or may not read this will think that this is a lot of clicking around and that there’s possibly a better way to go about it. And that might be entirely true, and maybe one day I’ll change my ways again, but this way works well and for now, this is the way.

Again, for now…