I remember back, I don’t know 10 years ago? When I first started using Drafts. At the time it was a simple quick note-taking app, with not a whole lot of features and easy and straightforward to use. Fast forward to 2023 and oh my god, I can’t even keep up with everything it does nowadays. I still use it to this day regardless, but just to a level in which I am comfortable with, and my needs.

I am, in some way, having the same feelings about services like my beloved Micro.blog. For the longest time, it was just open a page sheet in your text editor of choice, type away, and publish. Now it has evolved in such a way, with plugins, other services, fediverse integration, and many other amazing things that at times I feel like falling behind. Of course, the nerd in me wants to partake in everything but I feel like by the time I wrap my head around how to implement or do some, 3 other things pop up.

That said, this is not a bad thing at all! In fact, let’s keep evolving the things we love and enjoy using.

I think is just me recognizing my “limitations” and laziness, in some way.

Until what point I keep partaking or just let things evolve past my level of concern.