Do you like music?

Do you like podcast-radio-shows?

Do you like Dave Grohl and Norah Jones?

Then you need to lend your ears to this radio-show episode of Norah Jones is Playing Along.

Dave Grohl and Norah hang out in Foo Fighters' studio to play through some choice songs from his epic career. Dave talks about why he decided to take the hard road after Nirvana, getting lost in the White House, and asks Norah to take him to music school. Norah and Dave duet on a song that he hasn’t played in 20 years, and he makes her day by lending his powerful drumming to one of her songs. This warm and wide-ranging episode gives an intimate peek into the mind of one of modern rock’s most beloved legends. Recorded 4/26/23.

I only discovered this because I follow Dave on the instagrams there. But now that I have, I’ll probably go back and listen to other episodes.

Also, I would love to hang out with Dave one day!