This card asks you to align with your soul’s journey and place it first in your life. We may not always know what our soul’s journey is or how to align with it. It takes dedication to know our path this lifetime. The first step in working with this card is to give yourself time to hear your soul. Spend time in meditation for the next week, with the intent of listening to yourself. You can also go somewhere that inspires you, like the ocean or woods, harnessing the power of nature to unleash your soul. Ask yourself what makes you feel aligned each day. What activities, people, or projects feel like home? What feels like your mission in this life? What are your resounding yes’s? Give time for these answers to appear.

Once you understand what your soul truly wants, then it’s time to begin. It’s time to change your life in a way that aligns with your soul’s path. This may mean making small changes to embrace your life’s mission, or it may mean making big changes. Whatever you need to do, this card asks you to begin.

Feel into what motivates you to overcome internal barriers and harness that motivation to begin on the path of your soul.

This card is also a reminder that motivation to stay on your soul’s journey takes effort. Burnout can set in quickly, even if you love what you do. It’s essential to find ways to nurture your creativity and love for your path. After miles on your journey, you may feel like quitting despite success. If you feel unmotivated, find ways to reconnect with your joy and the part of you that remembers when it was all brand new. Revisit old memories of when you first started on your journey and remember what signs showed up to affirm your alignment.

Also, take a break. Pick a new hobby that restores your energy, or focus your attention on something else. Come back to your purpose afterward renewed and begin again.

I should take notes…