Task manager check.

Where do I stand with my always messy task management situation?

Well, it's complicated.

Long-post, short, as of this morning, I am using TickTick.


Well, here's where the post gets somewhat long.

My "ideal" Task manager, the one I try again and again to use, is Things 3. It is beautifully designed, and not too complicated, well, it kind of is, some things require too many clicks and moving around compared to other task managers but I can put up with that. The Problem? MacOS, iPadOS, and iOS only (sad trombone). Sadly, I work on a Windows PC so I like the ability to manage everything from one place. So I need something that is cross-platform.

Enter Todoist and TickTick!

Up until this morning, I was all-in on Todoist. Apart from the icon I like the look and feel of it, and its natural language parser is topnotch, bar none. No matter where I am, I click Control + Windows + Z, and a small window opens, I enter my thing, and done! The Problem? At the end of the day, the Todoist Windows app is still a web app-ish. And if I am at my work's network, well, it doesn't work as well, as my work blocks many things. Sync is not reliable, and I can't even update the "app" if there's an update.


Works flawlessly on my work computer, the app is a native Windows app. I don't love the look of it but its functionality and natural language parser are pretty good. Again, anywhere I am, Control + Windows + A and I get a nice pop-up window, enter my stuff, and on to the next thing. Also, the always-present desktop widget is a nice thing to have on the corner of my screen. Truly, my main interaction with this app is through the quick add pop-up window and the widget. I rarely ever open the actual app.

Part of me wants to stick with TickTick for work only and use Things for personal, but that causes friction...


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