A note to young folks: download the things you love

Posted by Matt Birchler

Things on the internet can be forever, but you can't assume someone else will keep them going, especially when it's stuff like video, which costs real money to host. If you love something, try to get a local copy and store it on a hard drive you control.  

This makes me think of Fatman on Batman by Kevin Smith. I stopped listening to the podcast or watching the videos years ago. Before it used to be an interview-like podcast, with comic book creators, and now is more like a commentary/review show, or at least the last time I tried to listen. It is not even called Fatman on Batman anymore, now it's called Fatman Beyond. I remember I discovered it through Greg Capullo,  one of my favorite comic artists,  in and old social platform called Twitter. He told his story about how he came to work for Marvel, Todd Mcfarlane on Spawn, and then DC, and it was fascinating. Other great interviews were with the late Neal Adams on how he came to fight for the rights of creators and how the creators of Superman, finally got the credit they deserved.  I used to listen to these episodes over and over because they fascinated me.

All those episodes are now gone! At least from the main RSS feed, last time I checked. I am sure if I look hard I might find them somewhere. Sad, I wish I had somehow seen it coming and made a local backup of them somehow.