It has been now about three nights of less than 4 hours of sleep, 3 hours max. Why? The fuck I know (laughs). I haven’t changed anything, and still taking my sleeping pills, and yet, for whatever reason, can’t seem to have a good night’s rest.

The only times I can sleep well is if I drink, and, I am sure as hell, that I don’t want to rely on the drinking. My humor seems fine though, I am chirpy and as focused, and alert as I can muster. Maybe a little snarky every now and then but that’s normal in my personality I think.

It is messing up my workout routine, though. I am yet to skip any days, well except for Monday, but no matter how exhausted I am feeling, I have managed to go to the gym and do my sesh the past two days. But I struggled and today, it won’t be any different.

Silly Gabz, you need to listen to your body and get some rest.

Yes, perhaps but I can’t help it at this point, I just go and do things.

Perhaps I need to try something different.

I like sleeping, I’ve just forgotten how to I guess.