Darknet Diaries EP 135: THE D.R. INCIDENT

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Omar Avilez worked in the CSIRT of the Dominican Republic when a major cybersecurity incident erupted. Omar walks us through what happened and the incident response procedures that he went through

Of course, like almost every episode of this show, this was a good one, at least to me. And I agree, it is still scary that in this day and age, we are still so vulnerable to cyberattacks and especially at this scale.

It also reminded me that not long ago, in 2022, Puerto Rico also got hacked by this type of attack. And in case you’ve forgotten your geography, PR and DR are neighboring islands. I don’t remember if any other agencies or systems were hacked at all. I just remember that the system known as AutoExpreso, which controls the electronic toll collection, was hacked.

PuertoRicans being PuertoRicans, they were not mad about it, I mean, the government sure was, but not the public. The only thing the public was mad about was why the hackers did not delete all the fines and debts. 🤣