This morning I had a "Hol' Up A Minute" moment while driving to the site here in Naples, Florida. As many of you would know, I am from Puerto Rico, a colony, I mean, a US territory, thus, I am a US citizen or more like a second-class citizen. For 40 years I have taken for granted the fact I can travel anywhere within the US, to Puerto Rico and back without worries or having to carry a passport because technically, my driver's license should suffice. However, this morning it kind of hit me where I was, I am in fucking Florida, DeSantis's Florida. I panicked a little. I was like, "fuck, I should have brought my passport".

I have listened to a couple of news lately in which fellow Puerto Ricans are being denied services or even being able to book an airplane ticket, because they did not have a passport, identifying them as US citizens (second-class citizens). There are many States in which people forget that Puerto Rico is a colony, ugh, sorry, a Territory of the United States of America.

What I am trying to say is, that I have realized that I no longer feel like a legitimate American citizen in some way, given the political situation in which we find ourselves today. I fear that, if for whatever reason, I get pulled over here in Florida or anywhere in the US today, having my driver's license, might not be enough to prove my citizenship and "legitimacy". 

Again, this is coming from someone that was born with US citizenship. I can't even imagine how other minorities must be feeling, especially in DeSantis's Florida or in the US in general.

It's scary.