On a somewhat related note to my latest post

Feeling like I don't have the bandwidth to look into these things and play like all the cool kids on my block. I feel like I am falling behind,  

  JASON FRIED on  You can learn AI later

So wait on it. Pop the pressure. Don't feel like you're falling behind. And don't drop everything to dig in. Start curious, stay curious, know what it's capable of, and, when the necessity strikes, figure it out. Until then, ignore the demands and focus on doing what you're already good at.  

It almost makes me feel as if he had read my post (obviously he didn't). Again, my sentiments about feeling behind are not solely on AI/ChatGPT, there's more to it but, at least I shouldn't be ashamed about not jumping into AI/ChatGPT stuff right away.


Only two days left until Tears Of The Kingdom. 😬