Have a Great Day!

Today I’ve experienced the most candid show of affection and morning greetings, between human beings.

This morning, like every morning, I am driving the girls to Grandma's house. We are a little late, not extremely late but ultimately, late. I’m driving, looking at the road in front of me when I see two cars coming. I see a huge mother trucking- truck, just like most Idahoans know-how, and a Volkswagen Beetle right behind it.

Then I saw it, from the Volkswagen Beetle, a gentle hand of a lady, with a hard-to-miss big ring, and the middle finger off, in what, I assume, was, her good morning greetings to the car in front. I passed them, I looked through my rear mirror and saw two hands, coming out of the mother trucking- truck, with middle fingers in the sign of a reply. Beautiful! And all before 7:00 am.

Good day everyone.

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