Too many buckets

Don't you feel like sometimes you have way too many buckets for all your shit?

I mean, let me explain. My RSS service of choice, is Feedbin, love it, and I pay for it every year. Ninety-nine percent of my RSS reading happens on my work computer, using their website. If I find something I want to read, I click on the title so it takes me to the actual website to read, however, there are times I realize I can't read it at the moment so I click alt + O, to save it to Omnivore, that's bucket number one.

Then there are other instances in which I am browsing Feedbin, find something I might want to save for later and just press the "S" key to start it, that is bucket number two.

Bucket number three, well, that usually happens on my phone, when I find a link or something to reference or read later, rather than probably using the share sheet to save it to Omnivore, my brain automatically goes for the Notes app.

If I used my Mac more frequently, well, who knows, maybe there would be a totally different bucket.

The problem with too many buckets is that if I remember to go back to whatever article, I can't even remember where I put what, and of course that creates friction and then I end up not referencing/reading shit.

Time to pick a lane, or a bucket, rather.