Breaking the Bank on Cars

Breaking the Bank on Cars, a thriller by Gabz

Well, it would seem that I actually need new discs brakes (sad trombone), the thing is, the way mechanical work works here is that they will make you replace all of the parts, pads, rotors, calipers, and et al. Just so they can guarantee the work, obviously, not just for the sake of ripping you off. The last time I got a quote for it was close to 900.00 USD (parts, labor, fees, fees of the fees, etc.) or maybe less, maybe 800.00 USD.

Now, here's another kicker, I have a nail or screw on one of my rear tires, so got to take care of that. Also, I am a hundred percent sure, I also will need new tires, I do know this, and they'll also know, and they will let me know this. The last time I looked into buying tires, or the last time I did buy tires, rather, it was about 720.00 USD for all 4. That was back in 2017 and from a whole different vendor from the people who might fix my brakes and will most likely try to sell me new tires. So, who knows how much it'd actually end up being?

So, let us say it would be 900.00 for the brakes, and let us say 720.00 for tires plus labor, which would be about 1,620.00 USD.

Knowing this, part of me just wants to take that money, use it as a down payment, trade in the car as is, screw and all, and get a new one ๐Ÿ˜‚.