It is dead, and I like it.

There is a good thing to say about Twitter these days, well, actually, there's nothing good to say about Twitter these days. However, there is a good thing to say about my Twitter timeline. A while I go I did close my account, then for whatever reason I re-opened it. I do not interact or post to it, I may like tweets while browsing the web app, so I can later access them on my phone, usually images. Also, All my Twitter browsing is through the web *and with some nifty web-plugging that gets rid of all the nonsense that Twitter's got to offer whether you like it or not.

What I am trying to get at, since most people have left and closed their accounts, my timeline is boring. Boring, in my case, it's a good thing. All I see in my timeline these days are video game announcements or sales, movie-related posts, and lots and lots of pixel art. There are no people ranting or fighting, retweets of social issues, there is none of that. This might sound outrageous but my Twitter timeline is very enjoyable these days.