Gabz/mL is up and running.

I have been playing with the idea for a while to make something with's weblog thingamabobber, but something about it I found a little overwhelming, too technical or nerdy from what I am used to deal with. Many things are very barebones and not as straight forward at first, at least for me. I do consider myself savvy but not that savvy and when I feel like my savviness is falling short, I reach out to friends.

To get my page up and running with the desired customizations, I reached out to both Zachary and Jason. My biggest thanks to both of them for all the help, answering my questions, sharing CSS, and even setting up a Zoom call to guide me through some of the settings and customizations.

Gracias un millón de veces!!

I have been having a lot of fun tinkering and figuring things out as I tinker along. "What happens if I do this or if I remove that?" Customizing little things here and there and all the joys of tinkering. Originally I wanted to use my domain but that domain is currently been transferred from Hover to Porkbun🐽 and the move was gonna take 5 days (2 more days from today). I am not the most patient person, I am impulsive, and again, super-inpatient, so I renewed an old one,, the one that basically started it all.

So here we are now.

I am obviously keeping my account, in fact I have a project that I have been cooking in my head for a while now, more on that later.

In the meantime, please follow, subscribe, and any feedback will be appreciated, this is still a work in process.

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