A thing I liked.

Please keep in mind, I am no music expert or critic, just a fan, and thus, in many ways, I may have no fucking idea what I am talking about, but I do know what I feel and like โ€“ personally โ€“ about.

Last week P!nk's new album TRUSTFALL, was released, and although I had been eagerly waiting for it, I wasn't ready for it.

I've been a P!nk's fan for years, ever since college, and there is something about her music and her writing that I had always found fascinating. It can be rebellious, joyful, sad, and always full of emotions, and it transpires in her music.

This album is, to me a rollercoaster of emotions, starting with the first five songs. There's something to say about music, it is the greatest and weirdest thing, it can move you and bring up so many different emotions and even memories, and I love that about it.

One good thing about music, when it hits, you feel no pain...

โ€“ Trenchtown Rock - Bob Marley

When I first listened to the beginning of the album, it was like something squeezed my heart, and I wanted to cry. Especially that first song, When I Get There - P!nk, I didn't know why, at the time, but it got me. Later that day, it was the parent-teacher conference at Marley's school and I played the album in the car, when the first song came on, Annie told me that that song was about her dad who passed away after a years-long battle with Cancer, then everything clicked, and there I was, crying my eyes out.

I felt, like, after the first five or so songs, the album takes a more upbeat tone, which I very much appreciated, my favorites being Never Gonna Not Dance Again and Runaway.

All that to say that this is an album that I am enjoying currently for many reasons.

Alright guys, until next time!