A game I'm playing

Kirby’s Return to Dream Land

Well, the demo, the game comes out on February 24, so tomorrow.

I downloaded the demo about a week or so ago, perhaps more, but it wasn't until yesterday that I played it. Actually, that we played it.

The girls were a little out of control and I asked them if they want to play a video game with me. I gotta say, the game is super fun, and the graphics are very cute, colorful, and fun. The girls didn't have much trouble playing around with me, there's an assistance mode which will catch them if the fall of the cliff. Luna, 4yo, had no idea what she was doing but was able to play along. Marley on the other hand , she needed to have all the coolest power-ups, and always first 😅. I believe locally it can be up to four players, but sure yet if there's an online multiplayer mode. It'd be silly if it didn't but again, this is Nintendo.

I am glad is a 2D plat-former adventure I enjoy these first-party games more when they are 2D over 3D. Not sure why, call me old fashioned I guess.

Anyways, I am so very much looking forward to getting the full game and having some family game nights over this game!