I need to get shit together, seriously.

I have a problem. I am the most unorganized, all-over-the-place type of person. At least in the last few years. Every morning is a race, I am all over the place, can’t find things, getting dressed, fixing myself up to look presentable, preparing the to-go breakfast, and lunch, choosing snacks, etc.

I need to be better at planning my days and reduce being scattered. I used to, just don’t know at what point I fucked up. I could probably figure it out if I think hard about it but I am lazy.

I remember back then when I was taking a course about productivity, I think it was Shawn Blanc, years ago, and its first exercise was to pick our outfight the night before. Such a small task made a difference. And yes, that is all I remember about that course, and maybe because I never followed through with the whole thing.

I need to stop fooling around and start planning better and being more organized.