New-ish HomePod

I remember purchasing the Original Homepod back in February of 2018, a day or two after its release date. Previously, I was using one of them Amazon Echoes. The price difference between the two was considerable. And to be honest, I purchased the HomePod, primarily out of, well, it was an impulsive buy. I walked into my local BestBuy, walked by the Apple products section, and saw they had one, just The One!

There is something about, The One. Many times, I walk into a store, any kind of store, electronics, gaming, or comic books. And many of those times, I have no intention of buying anything, I am just browsing, killing time. Until I see something that sort of interests me and it happens to be the last one on the shelf.

My heart starts pumping, I get sweaty, and my palms get itchy...

"What if is this the last time I see one?

"I need to get this, like right meow!"

And that's how the decision to purchase a HomePod was made. I believe the Nintendo Switch was the same scenario, back when they were in short supply.

So it's have been about 5 years since then, and it is still rocking my socks! It gets played every single day while cooking, cleaning, at family gatherings, and even playing Clean Up for the girls so they'd pick up. We still use it for timers, entering reminders, and asking Siri in the tube for silly stuff.

Us: Hey, Siri! What does the fox say?

Siri: Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding

Or something like that.

Now, in recent days, like Monday, Apple announced a "new" HomePod, and I am excited about it. Though I am not excited because of anything new, if anything at all, I truly haven't read into the specs or watched any videos. I am excited because I know, that if my OG HomePod goes kaput, as in broken and useless; no longer working or effective, I can now replace it, and I don't have to go around shopping for something comparable.