Cling onto the anger, that’s what I was told.

Every so often, we bottle things up inside of us, until, one day, all hell breaks loose. A long while ago, there was an incident in which all those bottled up feelings and thoughts came out, and things were said. And although those things that were said, needed to be said, I still felt very guilty about the whole situation.

That same week, I had my session with my therapist, and the situation was brought up and talked about. I expressed my guiltiness, and how bad I was feeling about it. And that even though I was feeling guilty, I also had a lot of anger. His advice, cling onto the anger. Guilt and anger are like oil and water, they don’t mix, he said. It may sound almost like bad advice, but you know what, he was right, and I stopped feeling guilty.

All that being said, time has passed, things have healed, and we have all moved on, and there’s no more guilt or anger.