Gabz’s Log, Stardate 2023.01.12

I am in the third week so, 75% of the main story completion, or so I think. In an attempt to get a better S Class car, I spent lots of monies on a new car, some badass-looking Nissan Silvia. Also checked if I could make my current S car, A Mitsubishi Lancer a bit faster, which I did. However, I failed to realize that by doing so, now my Lancer is in S+ class, and there are no S+ class events in the third week, therefore I can only race with my Silvia which is pretty much stock. In short, I cannot use my Evo, and the Nissan is pretty much unusable in its current state. So, I could try to “grind” some money, which it would take some time, or… Or nothing, that is it, I need to grind, ugh!