Lee Peterson, AKA LJPUK on How to blog more from your smartphone.

First thing is remove all of your social media apps to a second home page or the App Library.
Second is put your blogging app on your main Home Screen.
That’s it.
Post your thoughts to your blog first.

Easy peasy!

I have to admit, I do 70% of my blogging, from my Macintosh mobile device, 25% from a computer device and a browser, and 5% from the iPad.

When using my Mac mobile device, Ulysses lives on my home screen, always has, and if, for whatever reason, it isn't, I fire up Drafts put my thoughts down, and then I can either send them to Ulysses or just post straight from Drafts.

Now I'll be taking a little bit of a tangent here. But because of the fact I blog mostly from my Mac mobile device, and not just blogging even editing photos, I often find myself wishing I had a bigger screen...

Love the mini but...

Well, that's another blog-post

I 💖 blogging