Having the Apple Watch ultra, aka Megazord, and though I love it, I do also have a few nitpicks.

First is the strap, I have the orange Alpine loopy thingamajigger. Love the color and the way it looks, but the fit, for me, is a little weird, it can be too tight or too loose. Too loose wasn’t a huge issue before, but this watch is chunky and slightly heavy — compared to the regular Apple Watch — so it moves a lot. I prefer to wear it tightly, that also means, it sits too close to my hand; thus, I take many accidental screenshots. And although I own many other Apple Watch bands, I don’t feel like using any of them. I do intend to buy a new one, sometime soon, hopefully.

The action button, I made the mistake of setting it up, so it’d start a specific workout. I have started many workouts, on accident. Sometimes, without realizing it until about 20 mins later.

The strap, I can tell, it’s not going to age well, unless I do stay on top of it and wash it regularly. I mean, it’s fabric.

And still, it is my favorite Apple Watch ever owned.