With Ellen's retirement, work is becoming increasingly overwhelming by the day. I guess it's finally sinking in. It was yesterday when I realized all the things that will and are becoming my responsibility, or at least what I think they will or taking upon myself because, there's no one else, I think. I am trying to be the person most people relied on, a person with 25-plus years of experience and lots of knowledge in the genetic purity world. I only have 3. So yeah, I am freaking out a little bit. 

I think what makes it a little worse this week is the fact that a lot of people are either on a business trip or vacation, so help is in short supply, plus there is all the other stuff I take care of, the stuff in my plate, which it becomes very overwhelming by the end of the year, like every year.

So here I am starting at my computer screen, trying to figure it out whilst trying to keep it all together, mentally. Typing my feelings away so I can get on with my day. Or at least try.