I am doing some “mindless” work and usually, what I do is I am either listening to background music or a podcast, book on tape, or whatever. Sometimes, I open a web browser with Youtube and put something on without paying much attention.

Today I, for whatever reason, clicked on this video,

And damn! It felt like a punch in the gut. As if he was seriously talking to me specifically, although I am no content creator, it felt that way. I felt and related to what he was trying to convey. I got it, I understood it, and again, I felt it.

I feel like I am always full of excuses and not putting in the work. I have seen pictures of my old self, of when I was putting in the work. And in those times, I know I was the best version of myself. Regrettably, nowadays, I am not pitting in the work, at least not in the same way. And I do want to be the better version of myself, maybe not the same but still better than where I am now.

I need to own my own bullshit, and put in the work.