Yesterday, I had a situation where I needed to compose an email in Spanish. I don’t do this often for work but now that I am working more closely with people down in Chile, I think they would feel more comfortable talking to me this way. Sadly my work computer, unlike my mobile Macintosh device, can’t or won’t recognize that I am typing in another language that is not English.

So I had an idea.

Have you all heard of Simplenote?

Simplenote, to me, is like what Tot might be for many Mac users. It allows me to share text from my Macintosh devices to my work Windows PC. What I was super-impressed by was the syncing, and how ridiculously fast it was. I would type a sentence or two, and stop to think about what to say next, on my Macintosh mobile device, and within a second, I would get a notification on my Windows POS that a note was updated. That happened every single time I would type, stop for a few seconds and continue my note.

I might have said this before about this app, but it is one of those note-taking apps that doesn’t get a lot of exposure or that people talk about. Yes, I might not have all the bells and whistles other apps may have but it is reliable and it just works.