Like many of us, I love technology (especially when it does work), I love fancy services, fancy apps (with fancy nice looking icons), and, I love note-taking apps. Yes, this is one of those posts.

Being said that, I am terrible at taking and keeping notes. Perhaps because they are always scattered all over the place, or I am not consistent at it and whatnot. 

I do use Apple's notes app but is more like for long-term storage of things that I might not visit ever again. There are some very useful cases, for example, I store many of my workouts in there, which I do revisit to either do them again or mix and match.

Drafts, I have used Drafts or it has been on my phone for ages and it all this time, and it has changed usages many times. It has never been, or it was not intended to be my long-term notes storage, although, in some way, it has been. Or at least until I go into and weed things out.

One time, I found about ROAM Research, to me, it is the Drafts of "whatever-these-type-of-note-taking-apps" are. It is clean, I loved that once you open there's a date and you type away. But, it is expensive, development seems rather slow, I think, and I have never used it to its full potential. I guess I could say the same for Drafts but I know my way around Drafts much more than I know my way through ROAM. Also, ROAM was basically restricted to work-related things only.

Obsidian, I tried it, and, ugh, never sticks, I don't know why. I feel like I need a crash course on it.

Logseq is another one I have tried and it works fine, and I think it's free to use but I forget I have it, and as I have said before, I am very inconsistent at taking notes. Which to by work, it is very important. There are too many things to track and try to remember and unfortunately, I am not getting any younger and I forget shit.

This is why I need a note-taking system, especially where things are searchable, in case I need to refer back to something. The other caveat is, it has to be available on Windows since that's my work's main computer. 

Then there is the dilemma, do I use any of these for both personal and work or just for work? I am leaning more toward work only because my note-taking necessities for personal are very few.  However, if I pick system in which I have to pay, if I want to make my investment worth it, I should probably use it for both.

The one note-taking app that I remmeber I have used the most was Bear, maybe because it reminds me a bit of Vesper, remmeber Vesper? Sadly, it is Mac and iOS only.

Anyways, let me know what you think, down below, in the comments. 

Okay, guys, until next time.