Almost two months ago, I got myself a Casio G-SHOCK. Mostly because I wanted to change this a bit, I have always been a watch guy, and I stopped buying watches the moment the Apple Watch had come out. And I have been using the Apple Watch exclusively, since. 

The Casio I got, was a MOVe model, basically, it can be synced to the iPhone via Bluetooth using the G-SHOCK MOVE app. I could still get some notifications, and it would track my steps. I was never able to figure out if it could track a workout the same way the Apple Watch does, I am not a runner so, tracking speed and laps wasn't for me. After a few weeks, I started missing the Apple Watch just to track my workouts and easy access to timers and was using it just for that whilst using the Casio for daily use.

One day, something changed, my AirPods Pro started acting up. I would get this high pitch noise somewhat regularly among other things, it was super-weird and it seemed very random. One day, in my frustration, I went online to look for possible causes and fixes. One was to turn off the ear detection feature and that seemed to have worked, a bit, but not quite. I had also read that another cause, could be that another Bluetooth device may be interfering with the AirPods' connection, but I ignored that part or didn't think much about it. I stopped using my AirPods, entirely, mostly out of frustration. I had started using my Powerbeats Pro more, the battery life alone won me back over. 

Recently, I picked up my AirPods again, and still thinking about the annoyances, it occurred to me that perhaps the culprit was the G-SHOCK. I unpaired the G-SCHOCK from the phone, they aren't Bluetooth-connected anymore and what do you know, The Airpods Pro are acting normal again. Thus far.

It is still an ongoing experiment, it could be something totally unrelated. I need more data, so far it's just a theory.

Technology is weird...