To respect the identity and privacy of the subjects, I’m going to refer to them as child number 1 and child number 2 😉. Number 1 being the oldest.

Childs one and two are plying, as they do, there’s laughter, all of a sudden, no more laughter but crying. Child number 1 comes out of the bathroom crying and complaining, touching her stomach.

Turns out, child number 2 had, allegedly, jumped on her. After some serious scrutiny and interrogation, we got a somewhat picture of what happened. Child number 2 apologizes to child number 1, and all is good, ish.

Child number 1 still complains about serious pain, her tummy, and diaphragm area. I asked if it hurt enough to got to the doctor, child number 1 says, yes.

To the urgent care we go. After some waiting, lady doctor comes into the room. She asks child number 1 a few questions, and examines her. Luckily, there was no bruising, nothing felt loosened or improper. Lady doctor says there’s no concern for anything being broken, that child number 1 is just, tender, and sore. Rest and pain medicine should do the trick, but obviously be on the lookout if anything develops in the next day or so.

In conclusion, child number 1 and number 2, will be the end of me.