How much do you edit yourself and why?

I mean, I guess if you write for a living or something related, editing might be paramount. But what about, personal blogs? Is that important? Is it required? 

I feel like I edit myself a lot. In fact, I think some parts of the "editing" used to hold me from writing and publishing things on the internet, where other people can read them. Same reason as always, English not being my first language. 

Well,  why you didn't write in Español then? (Español means Spanish)

 Well, to be honest, I guess I never considered, writing and publishing in my first language. Perhaps it is the fact that I had already been living here in the US for long enough and most of the people and blogs I used to read were in English and thought I would do the same, I think. I gotta think more about that.

Back on topic!

The only reason I dared start to publish things was, first, the use of word editing AI software like Grammarly.  And still, have a friend read through it and make changes. Changes, that oftentimes, made my post not sound like me, if that makes any sense.

With time I have become comfortable enough to not have anyone else read-check my writing but still use some kind of software to check my grammar and such. Like I am doing right now. And I have become so accustomed to that, to the point, if whatever text editor I am using, doesn't have a revision mode or a type of check, I won't use it. that is probably the main reason I use Ulysses all the time, or a web browser because it has Grammarly.

Many times, I don't want to care much, just enough to make sure I am conveying what it's in my mind and not worry so much about the editing part. But then I start thinking about punctuation, grammar, and all that!

It sometimes causes friction. Sometimes I just want to type away and be done and stress less about formalities.