Today, Marley, was riding her scooter, as she does. I come into the house to grab my car keys and wallet because I was going out to the car wash. I heard Marley crying, and see Annie rushing to Marley’s. She had fallen and hit her knee, nothing super-serious, a superficial scratch, but it will definitely bruise.

Marley being marley, it is a huge deal, and very dramatic. We sat her on the couch, she’s freaking out, we spayed her scratch with antiseptic, and put on some ice. Marley is still being dramatic, crying, “it hurts, it hurts!”

Once the situation has been somewhat handled, I say, “well, I’m leaving”.

Marley: Wait, where are you going?

Me: to wash the car

Marley: to the car wash?

Me: Yes…

Marley: I WANT TO GO!

Me, Can you walk?

Marley: I can try…

Next thing you know, a miracle! She’s walking and jumping! Clearly , it wasn’t that bad