It has been a strange week this one. Mostly because I haven’t been sleeping well. I mean, previously I hadn’t been sleeping but it was more because my mind was always racing, or too much stress. This week, however, it’s been because; I honestly don’t know. I feel exhausted. Last night’s workout was mediocre at best. Not because of lack of motivation but lack of energy. Also, I showed up without a clear plan of what I wanted to do, so I was just aimlessly winging it, al-garete as we would say back home.

Two things, one, I need to rest and get some sleep. And two, I gotta be better at planning my workout routines. The latter should be easy, I have the resources. In fact, I pay for a Patreon membership, 5.00 USD/month to a guy that posts kettlebell workouts, I have just been too lazy to sit down and watch his workout routines and put something together for myself, based on that. And honestly, 5.00 USD a month for basically a workout program is a steal.

Perhaps I gotta start planning my weeks better from now on, no more al-garete