This morning on our commute to grandma’s house, we had a nice spectacle. In our route, we are basically coming downhill a bit, and it is a long stretch, a few miles before we have to turn left and lose sight of what was happening, having a clear view of the sky.

It was a lightning show, somewhere north of us, there was a thunderstorm and although it wasn’t raining in our area, we could clearly see the lightning. Marley and I, were excited about it, and every time a bolt of lightning would show up in the stormy sky, we would go “Did you see that one!!?” Luna, on the other hand, was not impressed, whatsoever.

Having been living in Puerto Rico, I am very sad we don’t get that many thunderstorms here, they are rare, so I’ll take what I can get and be wowed by it.

Hope they don’t cause any Wildfires, though. 🀞🏼