I have this urging feeling of changing things around, shaking things up, as they say. It always starts with my blogging settings. No, I am not opening another Ghost account, but will most likely play around with a theme, change menus, and other things. Perhaps other systems and tools I use may change. definitely, there are personal things that need revisiting... I am a messy work in progress.

Also, and super-unrelated.

Do you read every item in your RSS feed? Or, just like me, do you triage and keep what you might truly read later, or just read it and move on?

I found myself scanning and just skipping until I find something I know I would like to read. Then I read it right there and then rather than "saving it for later".

I don't know, just a thought.

Although I have had many thoughts recently and I am having a hard time sorting them out. Something is not entirely right up in here (points to the head). At least I know is not a lack of serotonin, according to my crazy-doc...