Evening, Koopalings!

As per usual, it is time for bed and I can’t sleep. My mind is somewhat racing and not letting me relax and sleep as I should. Tonight, rather than just thinking about the same things over and over, and why I cannot sleep, I have decided to just type things down.

Apropos of nothing, I am using my MacBook Pro rather than my phone or iPad, which is interesting, 0h and Drafts, rather than Ulysses.

What’s running through my head? Well, the usual, things I get to do tomorrow (Opens Things). I have also, been thinking about meditation. Do guided meditation work? I feel like I don’t have the attention span to listen to someone telling me to imagine things and do breathing exercises, etc. I just want something like The Winter Soldier, a few coded words; Lettuce, Brussel Sprout, Corn, and Boom Shaka Laka, I’m asleep. Is that a thing?

Also, I am almost positive that there was more stuff, but now that I’m in front of my computer, they’re gone!

Alright, enough of typing, I should try and get some rest. Hopefully, this exercise works, taking the load off my head.