I’m in a “strange” mood today…

Allow me to explain.

Normally, especially on Sundays, my motivation to do anything is next to nothing. Whatever needs to get done around the house or yard, I’d do the bare minimum. Everything is a drag.

Today, so far, it’s a little different. I felt, feel, motivated. I prepared breakfast for Luna and I, coffee, and headed outside for some yard work. Today I went above and beyond of what would normally be. I put on more effort into it and tackled things that had been bothering me around the front yard. I took the time to fertilize the trees and grass, which does need some work. These high temperatures have been rough on the yard.

Normally, I dread laundry, folding clothes, and putting them away. Today, I didn’t mind it at all, I just, did it.

I’m excited about dinner tonight, I am preparing a flank steak. I was actually creative and intentional about seasoning and letting it marinate for the next few hours, rather than just preparing it last minute and throwing it in the air fryer or something.

I’m not sure if it’s just a spur of the moment or something else, perhaps my new meds are starting to kick in?

So, what I call strange, is probably the normal self that I haven’t felt or seen in a while…