Today marks a week since I got my new CASIO G-SHOCK. I am not gonna lie, it has been a little bit of an adjustment.

As for the piece itself, I love it. I love its design, love the color, love the watch face, always been a fan of digital and big numbers. It is super comfortable and, again, it looks nice. This one is one of those G-SHOCK MOVE models, it pairs with your device using a dedicated app. It can push notifications, messages, texts, calls, etc. It does track calories burned, steps and runs. I think I can track workouts but I am yet to figure out if it can at all the same way the Apple Watch does.

What about Apple Watch Withdraws?

I have to be honest here, there have been a few times, in which I have found myself really missing the Apple Watch.

Daily use

As far as an EDC, I don’t find myself missing the Apple Watch as much, again, fashion-wise, the G-SHOCK kills it. I don’t mind not getting notifications or any of that. Is nice not having that distraction.

Where I do find myself missing it though is for example when out grilling, I use timers a lot and I always use my watch for that. Yes, I have my phone and can summon the all-mighty Siri for that but, it’s so much easier to quickly reach for your wrist.


If there’s anything that the Apple Watch excels at, is tracking movement and workouts. Having that data easily accessible, timers, and data, is super-nice and convenient. The G-SCHOCK does have a stopwatch and timers, but they are not easy to access as they are on the Apple Watch. And of course, there are the rings, The Rings of Shame as I call them.


I am very satisfied with my purchase and I think there is a way in which both watches can coexist within my lifestyle. Just like shirts, they can be changed, depending on the day, mood, necessity, or occasion. For sure will be using the Apple Watch for workouts over the G-SHOCK, but daily use, either or, but mostly the G, for now, until I am tired of it, if ever (or if I get a new one?).