Today is my first day without a smarty-pants watch. I kinda feel, in some way, like I have left my phone at home. I am not getting the buzz on my wrist. I noticed that I rarely pay attention to my phone while at my desk, and whenever I interacted with it, it was because of the buzzing on my wrist. I believe I can set the watch so I get some notifications but I haven’t done that yet, or maybe I never will.

I also must confess, that I do have my Apple Watch with me, just not on me. It is currently in my backpack. I am trying to decide if I want to wear it at the gym today, just to record my workout.

Like I have said before, I have been using an Apple Watch since the very first model, so I am in that mentality that if I don’t record my workout on the watch, I did not work out at all, didn’t happen, doesn’t exists. I am used to having that quantitative data.

I should be able to set this up though, according to the website;

This G-SHOCK MOVE watch delivers all you need for the ultimate workout. Access your smartphone GPS for precision accelerometer measurement when tracking running distance, speed, pace, and calories burned.

I may spend some time today setting it all up and report back, again, these are my 1st-day impressions so far.

Stay tuned…


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