I have always been a fan of taking an original thing and making it your own, creating your own take, perhaps as an homage or as fan service but keeping the essence and respecting the original work.

For example, I like song covers, very much, or at least I know I will listen to it if I know it's a cover. Doesn't necessarily mean I will love it, but it excites me to listen to them, at least. 

On the other hand, I know people that hate song covers and I don't blame them.

This morning I listened to a good one,  Guiltiness by  Chronixx a cover from Bob Marley & The Wailers Guiltiness

On top of my mind, I have a few others;

Lovesong by Adele, a cover from The Cure's Love Song, I think is a cover well done.

Disturbed's cover of  The Sound of Silence from  Simon & Garfunkel, is another favorite.

Bernard Fowler, Chuck D's version of  Can't You Hear Me Knocking from The Rolling Stones.

Tems's cover of Bob Marley & The Wailers No Woman No Cry, it's beautiful!

And what about Lorde's cover of  Everybody Wants To Rule the World of  Tears for Fears?

Then there are some albums where there are all cover songs by the same artists.

Weezer's Teal Album, love it!

My Echo, My Shadow, My Covers & Me by  AWOLNATION, is my current favorite.

What are some of your favorites, or the ones you don't like?

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