HARDCORE MECHA on the Nintendo Switch


Mercenary Tarethur O’Connell, an ACE pilot of Hardcore Defense Corp, was drawn into a conspiracy rebellion during a mission. Facing continuous battles and overwhelming conflicts, Tarethur starts to re-think about what he is fighting for..  

This game was released on October 15, 2020, and I remember showing up, and immediately I was drawn to it. I mean, the word MECHA is in the title. And as you can see by the art, it looks very Anime-ish. I downloaded the Free Demo, and played a bit but, like many other titles, it fizzled away, and I never looked at it again, until recently. I have played at least six missions, and these are not very long. It usually requires you to eliminate all enemies in one area to move to the next and then there's a boss fight. Simple and sweet, not too complicated, easy play.

Hardcore Mecha is a mecha-themed action sidescroller you play as a mech pilot named, Tarethur (that's a catchy name) who works for this mercenary group, and you're hired to find a captive officer referred to as "A", who has gone missing on Mars.

Controls are simple, you have a main gun, a chest-mounted gun (rapid fire low damage), and melee attacks. The melee attacks use cooldowns so is not like can melee-away. You can dash, jump, and hold the jump button to move around in midair until your boost gauge runs out. 

The visuals are pretty sweet, it's got this chibi art style, which is kind of cool, and I very much enjoy it.  The mechs, enemies, and animations are highly detailed and they look good. A lot of the conversations are carried out in a visual novel style.

Overall this is a very simple and enjoyable game, one that you can pick up at any point and just play through it. I am playing on easy mode, I am not here for a challenge, I am here to have fun and enjoy.

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