OlliOlli World - PS4 & PS5 Games | PlayStation (Hungary)

Today I was browsing the PlayStation Store, as you do, and noticed that the was a trial for OlliOlli World as part of the PlayStation Plus Premium Plus-Plus thingamajigger sub. It is a one-hour trial and I played about 30 minutes of it. That is basically the first 5 or six stages that serve as a tutorial for the game. 

OlliOlli World is a bold new skateboarding action-platformer that’s bursting with personality.

Traverse a delightful and weird world as you take on missions, and challenges and make new friends along the way.

Experience the accessibility, depth, and player freedom as you dive into the signature flow state >gameplay of OlliOlli World.

OlliOlli World marks the third entry in the critically-acclaimed OlliOlli series from Roll7, the BAFTA and multi-award-winning independent studio. 

The art alone in this game is what got me, I have had this game on my Nintendo Switch's wishlist for a while, it had been on sale and still passed on it. Hence why I wanted to check it out. I mean, it is fun, and the character creation is fun, I kinda liked that there is no gender selection for the character, it all depends on how you dress the character up. 

The music is pretty awesome, and the stages look and feel amazing. Given the style, the music, and the vibes this game gives, it'd suggest an easy relaxing game. Well, I guess that depends, if you have played games like Alto's Odyssey, well there's a lot of that. I am always expecting the next obstacle to come so that, at least to me, is cause for some stress. I guess because of the control mechanics, I am not entirely used to it. then again, only 30 mins, I would assume it will become more natural as you go.

I might end up purchasing this game and definitely, it'll be on the Nintendo Switch. Now, the question is, do I wait until is up for sale again, or not?